About Us

Holding an international exhibition is a highly specialized activity that requires knowledge, experience and appropriate technology. We are happy that Banian Omid Company with more than 25 years of activity in this industry has provided the opportunity to provide specialized services by knowing the demands and needs of customers, being aware of the latest knowledge, accessing the best human resources and using the most appropriate technical facilities. Be your customers.


Some exhibitions held by Banian Omid Company:

- International Exhibition of Iranian Automotive Industry Capabilities

- International oil, gas, refining and petrochemical exhibition

- International exhibition of paint, resin, industrial coatings, composite materials and plating industry

- International exhibition of home furniture

- International Stock Exchange, Bank and Insurance Exhibition

- International exhibition of the construction industry

- International Exhibition of Electronics, Computers and E-Commerce (AlComp)

- International exhibition of printing and packaging

- International exhibition of household appliances

- International exhibition of medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical and health services supplies and equipment

- International real estate exhibition

- International tourist exhibition

- International exhibition of logistics, supply and distribution chain

- International education and research exhibition

- International exhibition of audio and video equipment

- International Earth Science Exhibition


Management records of Banian Omid company:

Banian Omid Planning and Exhibition Company was founded in 2010 by a group that had years of experience in various fields of the exhibition industry. The company organizing international exhibitions
The beginning of the management activity of Banian Omid Planning and Exhibition Company in this industry goes back to 1364. He has managed to hold 22 international exhibitions during a two-year period at the Milad Exhibition Planning and Management Center (located in the permanent center of international exhibitions in Tehran). This company is the only company in Iran that has managed to hold this number of exhibitions during a 2-year period.
The establishment of Banian Omid company with the aim of providing new services in the exhibition industry through independent policy making and creating a center to attract and attract the cooperation of expert and experienced forces - who have a firm determination to be active and fruitful in this industry and improve the level of its services. Done .
Fortunately, the quantity and quality of the exhibitions that the company has been in charge of holding over the years, as well as the continuous and constructive cooperation with the companies and cooperating groups and customers, promise that the company has succeeded in achieving its goals. Organizing company

Banian Omid Group is the first and undoubtedly the most extensive Iranian company in the field of domestic and international exhibition services. This group has officially started its activity since 2011, that is, about two decades ago, during which it has achieved many achievements in the field of public and private projects. Today, these valuable achievements and experiences have made Banian Omid Group one of the most professional groups in the country's exhibition industry.

Banian Omid Company has always tried to achieve wide and different issues in the field of exhibition services by focused and dynamic groups under macro management. Iran Stand Design is a well-known brand of Banian Omid in the field of booth construction, which has always been able to win many honors for this collection in the last 3 years. By focusing on creativity, innovation, quality and strictly quality, Banian Omid Company's booth building unit (Iran Stand Design) has been able to attract a significant percentage of customer satisfaction.


Services of Banian Omid Company:

Banian Omid company has experience and expert staff to provide five main groups of exhibition services:

Construction and management of exhibition facilities
Management and exhibition
Design and layout of the exhibition space
Production of prefabricated exhibition system
Performing all exhibition services