Iran Finex 2023

Tehran Permanent Fairground
9 June 2023 to 6 June 2023
24 December 2022 to 30 May 2023

IRAN FINEX 2023 is going to be held from 6th to 9th June 2023 in Tehran Permanent Fairground and it is licensed by Trade Promotion Organization of Iran and Iran International Exhibition Center. International Exchange, Bank and Insurance fair (IRAN FINEX) is certainly the biggest event concentrating on Finance industries in Iran and is the most important event in this field in the region that brings together all the companies operating in the financial sector under the same roof.

The 15th International Exchange, Bank and Insurance Exhibition


State and private banks, credit institutions, credit cooperatives, exchange, leasing, related services and startups.

Capital market, brokers, capital providing companies, investment funds, consulting and investment companies, portfolio management companies, financial information companies, investment companies, holding companies, rating institutions, trusted auditors, related services and startups

Insurers, insurance brokers, loss assessors, related services and startups

Information technology services, educational institutions, universities, associations, technical and engineering services and equipment, stock exchange publishers, news agencies and stock exchange databases, public institutions, government institutions, governing institutions



The economic conditions of the country in the past few years has been in such condition that the need to establish direct and unmediated communication and increase financial knowledge among the finance market managers, decision makers and economic activists of the country, as well as the whole finance community, is very much needed.

The creation of economic turmoil, cruel sanctions and the occurrence of international conflicts have made it necessary to upgrade the position of the country's financial industry more than before.

Therefore, the annual gathering of market players, managers and those interested in this field in the form of the international exhibition of the financial industry (Exchange, Bank and Insurance) has become a long-standing tradition and a familiar name.

By divine power, the International Exchange, Bank and Insurance Fair as the largest financial event in the Middle East region and one of the most important gatherings of economic activists in the country has reached its 15th station.

The logical presence of the three influential sides of the financial markets, including the banks, the insurance market and the capital market, together has been able to create a rich and content-rich exhibition in its past periods, and has made potential cooperation for the financing of projects, increasing the knowledge and investment insight of economic actors.


Objectives of the exhibition:

This exhibition is held in line with the introduction of capabilities, achievements and ultimately synergy between domestic and foreign financial markets. Based on this, the most important goals of the International Exchange, Bank and Insurance Exhibition are:

  • Presenting the latest achievements and capabilities of the country in the field of financial industry
  • Acquaintance of Iranian companies and organizations with the world's latest technology in the subject of the exhibition
  • Attracting domestic and foreign investors
  • Development of interactive culture through direct communication and gaining public trust
  • Collecting stray liquidity in society and leading it to productive paths through savings in banks, investing in the stock market and trusting in insurance and safety achieved from them.
  • Development of business exchanges - technology between participants on the one hand and visitors and participants on the other hand
  • Training in order to create and develop financial communication channels between banks and internal investment organization with foreign parties.
  • Improving the quality of banking, insurance and stock exchange activities in relation to the way of providing services to the public.
  • Development of employment through the development of industries and services
  • Acquaintance of the country's decision-making and decision-making managers in the public and private sector with the abilities and achievements of the people involved
  • Transfer of information and technologies of the world by holding various workshops and scientific and commercial conferences in the subject area of the exhibition
  • Development of industries and services subject of the exhibition in the areas of mechanization and use of IT technologies



Exhibition Goals:

  • Implementation of the guidelines of the professors and decision makers of the country in the formation of the policy council
  • Presenting the capabilities, achievements and potentials of Iran's financial industry inside and outside in line with the changes of recent years
  • Creating the necessary and appropriate conditions and background for the active presence of participants and the expansion of business interactions
  • Presenting the hidden capacities of financial markets to the general public in order to explain the proper ways of investing and protecting capital in the business and economic environment.
  • Creating a suitable space for dialogue, interaction and cooperation between interested parties, students, experts, specialists, veterans and activists of domestic and international financial markets.
  • Providing a suitable cultural and specialized environment for the country's educational community to exploit the country's financial markets


Important aspects of the country's financial industry

Capital market:

  It can be said that since 140 years ago, when the concept of bank was formed in Iran's economy, it has played a role as the most important financing tool for the real sector of the economy. The country's banking system is still the place of reference for a large number of real and legal activists for financing. Therefore, the need to know the tools, regulations and the spirit governing the country's banking network is fully felt.


Today, members of the society see themselves exposed to various risks and need various insurance services to manage them. The growing trend of insurance penetration in the country shows the opportunities and areas for increasing the role of insurance in the country's economy and development. The insurance industry as a support and financial institution provided the ability to develop all kinds of services in different social and economic fields. The insurance industry is the most effective support and social institution in different levels of society from individuals, families, small and large government businesses in Iran.


Perhaps the fifty-five-year life of the stock market in Iran is not very long compared to developed countries, however, Iran's capital market has been able to overcome problems and bottlenecks, and now become one of the most important financial markets in the country, attracting the attention of a considerable part of the population.

The issue of freeing equity shares and increasing people's participation in the past few years has made the Iranian stock market one of the most important economic news headlines. Therefore, increasing financial literacy among the people and developing the investment culture can turn this fortune into a suitable opportunity to provide economic enterprises.

With the increase in financial knowledge among economic activists and investors, part of the burden of financing the real sector of the economy can be placed on the capital market, so that investors can taste the sweet taste of partnership in economic projects, and business owners and producers can benefit from this. Partnership is an opportunity for development and economic growth.


Banian Omid Co. Biography


Organizing an international exhibition is a highly specialized activity that requires knowledge, experience and appropriate technology.  We are happy that Banian Omid Company, with more than 25 years of activity in this industry, has made it possible to learn the demands and needs of customers, to be aware of the latest knowledge, to access the best human resources and to use the most suitable technical facilities to be able to provide specialized services to its customers.  This company was founded in the year 2001 by a group who had years of experience in various fields of the exhibition industry.  They have managed to hold 22 international exhibitions during a two-year period at the Milad Exhibition Management and Planning Center (located in Iran International Exhibitions Center in Tehran). This company is the only company in Iran that has managed to hold this number of exhibitions during a 2 years period. This group is the first and undoubtedly the most extensive Iranian company in the field of domestic and international exhibition services. Banian Omid Co. has always tried to be able to handle extensive and different matters in the field of exhibition services through centralized and dynamic groups under macro management system.