Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow)

Tehran Permanent Fairground
6 June 2023 to 9 June 2023
26 December 2022 to 5 June 2023

Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow) is certainly the biggest event concentrating on the building as the finish product, developers and construction market players in Iran, it is the most important event in this field in the region that brings together all the companies operating in the construction sector under the same roof in order to show their product and services.

Exhibition catalog for Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow)


The goals of organizing international Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow):

Explaining the place and topic of building (from the point of view of equipment, methods, construction technology and final product) and construction projects in relation to the record or economic development of the country.

Introducing a wide range of capital attraction and investment opportunities in construction and housing projects inside the country.

Attracting and guiding domestic and foreign capital to enter the construction industry in order to create prosperity and development.

Presenting and introducing the ability of mass builders, influential activists of the construction industry.

Introducing providers of modern equipment, installations and technologies and top projects in this field.

Help clarify the workflow and functions used in the construction industry.

Display of capabilities and achievements in the form of comparison in a specialized and dynamic environment.

Creating balance and stability of the finished price in the country's housing and construction projects.

Details of the objectives for organizing the international Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow):

Introduction of industrialization methods and its ability to improve quality, increase speed and reduce total cost.

Creating a suitable space and platform for the presence of knowledge-based and inclusive companies (public shares) in order to take advantage of modern science and techniques and to improve the scientific methods used in the construction industry.

Introducing new tools and methods in the construction industry such as: smart software, new energies.

Considering that the amount of job creation resulting from investment in this industry is at the highest level compared to other industries, one of the goals of the exhibition is to show the position and achievements of key actors in the field of job creation and achieving sustainable development.

Visitors to the International Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow)

 Construction industry activists

 Investors who wish to buy property or invest in construction projects

 Those interested in learning about the latest construction methods and construction projects

 People who want to know the latest technology and equipment

 Architects and engineers

 Real estate consultants

 Those involved or foreign investors interested in investing in Iran

 Construction industry activists in neighboring countries to know the capabilities of domestic activists

 Potential participants of the coming years to evaluate the exhibition

 Journalists and members of the media

International Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow) product group:

  1. Construction companies and developers of projects such as residential, office, commercial, industrial, sport and cultural centers.

New methods and technologies of selling real estate projects, by introducing the projects, branding and explaining the special status of them, they provide special sales conditions to the visitors.

  1. Road construction
  • Road construction contractors and equipment
  • Bridge construction contractors and equipment
  • Tunnel construction contractors and equipment
  • Road sign construction contractors and equipment
  • Contractors and intelligent road control equipment
  • Contractors and equipment for the installation of toll collection systems
  1. Industrialization
  2. Modularization
  3. City and sites construction and building
  4. New technologies
  • Building Styles
  • Mass construction
  • Prefabricated canals and collection of facade and roof water
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Light wall blocks
  • Double wall panel
  • Unbreakable tempered glass
  • Covering steel composite roofs
  1. Modern structures
  • Metal structures
  • Concrete structures
  • Concrete molds
  • Light prefabricated structures
  • All kinds of mixed instruments
  • Galvanized steel structures
  • Light structures and new technologies of structures
  • Concrete molding
  • Fireproof technologies
  • Reinforcement and resistant coatings
  1. Recent Facades
  • Traditional facades
  • Modern facades
  • Composite facades
  • Glass facades
  • Stone facades - granite - marble
  • Cement facades
  • Plaster facades
  • Press machines and equipment
  • Scaffolding and related equipment
  1. Issuance of technical and engineering services
  • Consulting and design services
  • Architecture and sets related to smart buildings (BMS)
  • Zero energy buildings
  • Optimizing the parking space
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  1. Banks, insurances and credit institutions active in the construction industry and providing credit and loan services
  • Banks active in the construction of civil projects
  • Lending banks for the purchase of housing and mass building projects
  • Capital management companies and investment funds for construction projects
  • Investing companies in projects with the capacity to attract investors
  • Other financial services in real estate
  1. Information technology in construction
  • All kinds of software applications in construction, especially in the field of B.I.M
  • Virtual reality (VR): displaying images simulated by special virtual reality headsets in 3D and 360 degrees
  • Augmented reality (AR): displaying virtual images in 3D on objects in the real world
  1. Specialized media in the field of construction
  • Digital and Multi Media
  • Books, magazines and printed publications
  1. Educational institutions in the field of construction
  2. Cities and municipality
  • Special approaches to the construction exhibition
  • Creating a special opportunity for the presence and introduction of startups and new and creative ideas
  • Inviting investors and builders of large construction projects at the international level to attend this exhibition, covering their accommodation expenses as guests
  • Implementation of incentive policies for providers of housing and construction projects with a special discount for the exhibition
  • Holding training workshops with the aim of updating and introducing the latest methods in the construction industry
  • The importance of planning and encouraging the improvement of the dilapidated fabric of big cities and the construction and creation of developed, standard and up-to-date tourist, commercial, administrative and residential buildings
  • The importance of planning and encouraging the improvement of the dilapidated fabric of big cities and the construction and creation of developed, standard and up-to-date tourist, commercial, administrative and residential buildings
  • Clearing the final product (property) with all kinds of construction materials


Why Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow)?

  • Branding, sales and introduction of products, construction projects, services of providing scientific and specialized information
  • Introduction of actual and potential capacities
  • Attracting new investors and partners
  • Developing activities and increasing market share
  • Taking advantage of the clearing capacity that this exhibition is a suitable platform for its creation
  • The possibility of benefiting from workshops and meetings along with exhibitions for managers and personnel
  • Attracting the opinion and attention of all visitors, including specialists, buyers, senior managers in the private and public sectors, regarding the company's activities
  • Communicate with other participants. Currently, these matters are one of the important goals of participating in the exhibition, which leads to development through the creation of cooperation and entrepreneurship capacities
  • Contributing to the prosperity of the construction industry and realizing the goals of the exhibition


Introduction of the organizer of the Iran Build & Property Show (iBuildshow):

Organizing an international exhibition is a highly specialized activity that requires knowledge, experience and appropriate technology. We are happy that Banian Omid company with more than 35 years of activity in this industry has provided the opportunity to provide specialized services by knowing the demands and needs of customers, being aware of the latest knowledge, accessing the best human resources and using the most appropriate technical facilities has been and will always be their objective.